Listen to music:
Track01 Nebulus, Last Next
Track02 Montrose, Rock The Nation
Track03 David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust
Track04 REO Speedwagon, Ridin’ The Storm Out
Track05 Johnny Winter, Johnny B. Goode
Track06 Nebulus, It’s In Everybodies Brain / JamInE
Track07 The Doobie Brothers, Long Train Runnin’
Track08 Santana, Black Magic Woman
Track09 Aerosmith, One Way Street
Track10 Chicago, I’m A Man
Track11 Johnny Winter, Roll With Me
Track12 Ted Nugent, Stormtroopin’
Track13 Foghat, I Just Wanna’ Make Love To You
Track14 Cheap Trick, Surrender
Track15 Wishbone Ash, The Pilgrim
Track16 Foreigner, Blue Morning Blue Day
Track17 Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels, Rock ‘N Roll
Track18 Nebulus, Can’t You Feel It

Track02 Paul Filipowicz, What’s The Matter With That Jenny